On Ezra

Ezra 4:4-5

Then the people of the land tried to discourage the people of Judah. They troubled them in building, and hired counselors against them to frustrate their purpose.

It occurred to me that the thought of opposition had since been in existence. It is part of human nature and of the world.

“A force is at work in every human heart that bitterly resists the work of God’s spirit…”

“God rejects the philosophy of the world in carrying out His work. There is a wordly religion and there is faith that God gives us, and the two must never be mingled.”

“The flesh never changes. No matter how long you walk in the Spirit, you will never get to the place where you cannot revert to your worst spiritual condition.”

See? I had many things arrived at from one book! It’s amazing how so many things can be extracted from a single verse. No matter what belief I have, things just branch out to the ultimate and universal good.

For one, i’m guilty of being such a hypocrite and occasionally, in “opposition” with many things. But I know for sure that I’m justified by God’s grace and faith, which cannot be explained by mere words. Only God could tell what kind of faith I have in my heart.

For today, I’m off to a new start. Struggles come everyday. Thus, everyday, indeed, I have to recharge through devotion.



“You could only be jealous of someone who has something
you think you ought to have yourself. “

– Margaret Atwood


It Didn’t Pay to Fall


I thought there’s honesty.
I thought it pays to fall.
I thought I’d find it in you,
For I gave you my all!

I misunderstood you.
I was such a fool!
I fell for you.
I knew no rule.

It’s your fault
Oh, how I fell!
Can’t get through it all;
Can’t you tell?

I’ll crawl to get over you
…must get through
…move on…
Til I find reasons to hate you!


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