The moon shines brightly

A poem in my hands

Your silhouette I see

Eschewing reality

The poem is for me

You said it’s your heart

I have a piece of you now

What a vow!

The air carries your scent

It offends my senses

My nose cringes

…so pungent

Your face I behold

A corpse, so cold!

It’s not what I’ve been told!

Laughter, I couldn’t hold

What did just unfold?

Deathly pale grinned




I say, “A second chance”

You sang to me, you did

I immediately regretted

I was cruel, I admit

Your pitch is off

Your voice too raspy

Your tempo’s crazy

Boy, I am so sorry

These things go on in my head

Could not be blurted out

Could not  be said

Lest I offend

Instead I smile

The sweetest I could give

Some courage I muster

So you’ll forgive.

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