My New Phone Brought Me Home

It’s two o’clock in the morning and I am still awake. I’m supposed to be sleeping, I know.  But something tells me that I have something left to do.

Writing is the most powerful means of discovery available to all of us throughout life by Peter Stillman, I read. Then I read again. Suddenly it became clearer: I have to write! How could I have forgotten that I love writing? It was one of my puppy loves in grade school; it was my true love in college; it was my home when I was alone! How could I have neglected it these past few years. Oh, how terrible of a lover I am!


I used to have a Samsung phone; the latest model at the time. I enjoyed having it, of course. It was an indispensable feature in my life. You know the feeling of not being able to leave the house without a phone. Everybody who has had a brand new phone can relate to spending hours and hours of ceaseless trial and “practice” navigation. You toy around the newfound gadget as if it were the last time you will ever have a gadget. You try to see if it looks great in your hands, wondering if the ads were telling the truth – is it the slimmest yet? Does it look expensive? Does it make me look expensive? Is it fast enough? Is truly the “world at your fingertips”? Then you begin looking at other’s phones – Do they have what I have? Is my phone better than theirs? Well, I truly get that kind of feeling. I bet I’m not the only one who thought the same thing.


Nice, noh – to have the latest phone? But the niceness does not last when someone’s butt literally cracked the phone’s screen because he “accidentally” sat on it. Hence, cracking the life out of your brand. new. phone!

And that, I figured, was the end of my desire to “connect to people”. Strange, now that I think of it, how so trifling a matter caused a major demise on my writing. I remember how I abruptly stopped writing journals and other things alike; as in total… screeching halt. All because that small symbol of “connection” was lost to me.

It must have been three years now, since I last held a phone. During that period of helpless technological isolation, I was also bearing an obligatory “social hiatus”; no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Google, no Wattpad, no Flicker, no Tumblr… no everything. It was devastating! But I never realized how distressing my case was until now. I realized that I missed a lot of things and I felt like I’ve been left eons behind. Don’t get me wrong, please. I’m not saying that my life was entirely based on social connections. My point is that, without the fulfillment of the need to “connect” with people and with the world around, you actually experience a case of missing identity.

Patricia T. O’Conner once stated that “Because of computers, we’re suddenly a nation of writers.” Well, I believe this to be true. Today, you could see almost everybody attached to a certain gadget. Can we help it? Nah. It’s already part of our world. We cannot do away without “tech stuff” – at least not when you share the desire to belong to the current millennium… not when you want to dance the dance of today’s generation. Get what I mean?

Netizens post here and there; Tweet this, tweet that; clickclick… pose for the camera; like and unlike; follow me and I’ll follow you; etc. At the nearest coffee shop, you will see someone texting, talking over the phone, or typing furiously on a glassy, scratch-proof, dust-proof ultra-thin tablet. And yes, one could definitely type on the very screen. With all these scenarios seen everyday, it’s no wonder that we’re suddenly a nation of writers.

Now I must tell you that just recently, the man whose butt cracked the screen of my cellphone, found it in his heart to fix the damage he has done. He bought me a new cellphone. And then there was that feeling again where you spend hours and hours glued to the screen, downloading apps and customizing the look. I did miss having a phone; no need to wonder. And I did miss connecting with people and the world around. With that momentary opportunity given to me to connect again, I grabbed the chance to open as many windows to the world as I could. I searched here and there and in the process, the need to write emerged once again.

I started to take on Blogging. Although I don’t have a clear-cut knowledge as to what Blogging is all about, I do know for certain, that it is some form and way of writing made available exclusively to the people of this century and probably the next. Up to this point in time, I still don’t know a lot about blogging – let alone, how to make it successful or significant. However, since it is a new way of writing, I thought, I just might have to give it a try. You see, one of the things I love about writing is that, it helps me figure things out. In the process of doing so, I could determine where I truly fit in. Insert here “exploring my niche” thing.

Writing also allows you to look deeper into your own life – to learn who you truly are. It’s a helpful way to sort things out for yourself – to learn to trust your own mind[1]. From my experience, (although I will never admit to being an excellent writer), writing helps you become a better thinker. Why, you ask? Because the process of writing obliges you to immerse yourself into thinking and into ideas, allowing better understanding. Ray Bradbury said that writing “lets the world burn through you.”

I believe that Blogging will give me that same sense fulfilment that writing in general, could give. I also have this feeling that if I maintain a Blog, I will have a better way of looking at life. It will surely be a satisfying experience because it will reflect the best of my efforts.

…and it’s all because of my new phone.

[1] Natalie Goldberg

4 thoughts on “My New Phone Brought Me Home

  1. I loved this! From my experience alone I loved writing and lost it awhile and when I realized the world of blogging it became clearer that blogging is such a wonderful platform for writing! I fell in love with writing all over again and with blogging at the same time!

    Liked by 1 person

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