Yesterday, I whined about the experience of what I thought was unfairness from a teacher. Professor J**** refused to record my (supposed) grade in a seatwork because I was not present in class. The group activity (which is the seatwork) involves drafting the Significance of the Study  part of our research paper. Every output or seatwork or quiz is done by groups. Hence, grades are the same for every member of a group.

I did contribute to the making of the other parts of the research paper. I even had those parts approved by the teacher. I did these all without my groupmates. I included their names whenever I submitted outputs. There were no complaints to my actions, of course. It was to their advantage. It’s just funny how my one absence cancelled all my deserved merits for my past efforts. I did not expect such disregard for my exertions hitherto, I thought I was being reasonable and fair to people. Why did Prof. J****** not see that?

I’m toying between feeling bitter and just letting it all roll down my back. Challenging things tend to gravitate towards me whenever I expect relief and comfort. Why are these things allowed in the life of one who strives daily to be good? Is this a test of some sort?

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