Feature articles must scream, “Read me! I’m worth your while.” Basically, such articles must be really stirring and interesting enough to readers regardless of how many words compose it. I had immediately thought of making my writings as catchy as possible to readers.  This is my goal: catchy writings for future readers.

But I have second thoughts. I doubt myself.So many shortcomings to consider like not being a native speaker of English. I know that I will never achieve such effect on readers – the catchiness of it all – if I don’t truly have the skills to write. Hard as I try, I don’t have the talent for it. But why do I still love it? Why do I still do it?

I’m just trying hard to convince myself and pretending  to be knowledgeable in writing. I give all the credit to the authors who inspire me and whose writings I get my ideas from. Their ideas make my pieces “worth reading”.

Every now and then, I hear compliments of some sort about how good my writings are. Consequently, the more compliments, the greater the weight of frustration on my part because I know that it isn’t “all me”. I feel more unconvinced of my skills (if there is any at all).

Should I therefore stop dreaming of becoming a good writer? Should I continue lying to myself and say, “Hey, you really got what it takes to be a writer.”

The more I pursue this course in Journalism, the more I fear of the possible unraveling of a sad and unfortunate truth – that I don’t really know how to write. I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but I’m wondering: Am I in the right “tunnel”?

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