I Thought I Had Many Followers

I woke up to views 250… 450…550
Blink… blink… I did, to see
I can’t believe it…
Could it be?

Scrolled and dragged
Clicked, tapped, and hovered
“I’m saved, I’m saved!
My blogging days aren’t numbered.”


A smile on my face
My heart beating fast
I did it, I made it!
My name’s gonna last!


Blink… blink…


And then, I see.
The Dashboard’s not for me
It’s MD’s “insight”
It is NOT my site!


Hahaha…joke’s on me
I forget I asked their help
A chance opened for me
And they let me be…


I’m seriously humbled
My followers haven’t doubled
It’s okay, I say
It’s just the beginning of the day.


What struck me as better
Is that, I’m not any other,
Overwhelmed by success
Minds and hearts a mess.


Hence, I went back to where
My little site that’s there.
We’ll take it slow, I say.
Let’s grow day by day.



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