Someone I Seek


I’ve always heard there’s this someone
You will share your dreams with
– Someone to cherish and to keep
– Someone who knows a part of you so deep.

I have not met him still. ravi_roshan__21179247876.jpg

That makes the quest a thrill
I get so impatient waiting
My heart looking… seeking.

I don’t know where he is
– Or who he is…
Is he someone beside?
Is he someone I miss?

Sometimes I think I found him
Sometimes I think it’s love
Yet, I get mistaken
I end up so shaken

He’s someone I want
He’s someone I need
He’s someone I’ll fall for
He’s someone I’ll seek.


I care for you, person I haven’t met
I share dreams with you,man unknown
Are you someone unborn?
– That’s ridiculous!
I’m loving you, one who hasn’t shown.

When will I ever find you?
When will I finally hold you?
When will I truly see you?

“a man of my dreams…”
Will you remain like that?
I will love you, so it seems
Where are you at?

Included in

My Crazy High School Verses
My Poetry Collection

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