A Daughter’s Plea

You used to be my rock
My protector
My defender
My light

His words took flight
Gave you a fright
Fought with your might
And lost the fight.

You couldn’t stand
Your feet couldn’t Lift you
He was your strength
But he’s abandoned you.

You’re helpless
Where’s the love
you claimed to be self-less?

He was your life
The very air you breathed
But he flew away
You were to stay

Will he come back?
Who knows?
One day, perhaps

Years and years
Waiting… feeling
But he’s gone
He’s changed

You’ve changed
You’ve gone
From me…
From us…

You ceased to be
Your mind’s a mess
Will you return
And be the best?

Come back to us
If only for us
Be the light that you are
Be our once shining star.

Maybe one day
When you’re light’s so bright.
He’ll see
And perhaps
He’ll come back.

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