It’s True,  We Live in Public


By: Lindsay Scholten

The Internet has become about posting about your life in order to gain attention — more commonly known today as ‘likes’. Or people will do wild, stupid, sometimes life-risking stunts to get hits on YouTube with the hopes of landing a spot on a TV show… What is scary is that people have adjusted society to fit this trend, making it feel necessary to get as many likes on a picture, post, video, etc. as possible. And the trend has become that the more personal the information, the more “likes” you will receive.

See more in this blog It’s True, We Live in Public

2 thoughts on “It’s True,  We Live in Public

  1. Wow. This is true, convicting, and calls for change. The comic got to me the most. Being more concerned with the post then the actual event. Thank you for sharing this and not holding back. I look forward to reading more from you!

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