My 20+ Thoughts to Keep Me Running

It is sometimes difficult to find inspiration to keep on going. With whatever arduous task given us, at some point, we pause to think and question the purpose and meaning of it all. Sometimes, we doubt ourselves; Can I really do it? Other times, we succumb to the temptation of quitting and eventually feel bad about ourselves. It is during these trying times that we need help and motivation.


I’ve learned that there are two kinds of motivation. One is of the Extrinsic kind and the other, Intrinsic. The greater motivation, I believe, is one with the Intrinsic value because it is finding the strength, courage, and will to go on within one’s self. Although other things of great material value keep us stimulated, it is the subtle promptings of the mind that encourage us to reach the end and conquer.

Running is one arduous task that needs commitment, effort and loads of inspiration. When I decided to embark on this challenging journey, I told myself that there is no better motivator than myself.

Hence, when all else fails and there is nothing left but myself and my pitter-pattering brain, I think of these simple things:

  1. Best decision you’ve made today: running.
  2. Go girl, you can do this.
  3. Keep your heart beating with your running.
  4. You can’t eat unless you make room for it.
  5. Practice outrunning a snatcher!
  6. Your efforts will become useless if you stop now. Don’t waste the effort.
  7. Stopping now will make you a quitter.
  8. Quitters are losers. They won’t achieve anything in life.
  9. Are you going to surrender to exhaustion? You’re greater than this.
  10. Giving up is for the weak. You’re not weak, are you?
  11. The pain is temporary. You’ll feel better once you’re done.
  12. What’s 45 minutes of displeasure to a lifetime of gratification?
  13. Burn a thousand calories to lose a pound.
  14. You want to fit in those jeans; It looks great on you.
  15. Keep going. You will look better in your clothes.
  16. Spare this hour to be happier for life.
  17. Every step is an added strength.
  18. Stronger is better.
  19. Every drop of sweat removes sh***.
  20. Want better skin? Sweat if off.
  21. Run while you can; Make the most out of your youth.
  22. God created man to move.
  23. Running is freedom; claim it!
  24. To have ran and finished is power; take it!

And after forty minutes or so, the task is done.


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