If You’re Not In It


Staying will let in pain.
Keeping astray
Was with effort…
not much for a gain.

I asked you to stay away
But you wanted things your way.
You said I couldn’t possibly fall
That these feelings will fade.

I expected something from you
Something I could only dream about.
You couldn’t open up for things new
Your heart’s always in doubt.

I was content.
I didn’t ask for more.
I guess my heart is destined
To be alone after all.

Day after day
We did things your way
It’s the only chance we could be together
It’s the only way we wouldn’t suffer.

We ended up as “Bestfriends”
Yet, something’s different inside
I couldn’t make this feeling end
I couldn’t run and hide.

I can’t feel your care
I can’t feel your presence
I can’t see truth and sincerity inside
There are things left far behind.

Please be true
If your heart’s not in it, then give me a clue
Don’t leave me wondering here
Don’t leave things unclear.


From the pages of

My Crazy High School Verses

poems, verses

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