A Stressful Blessing

Some projects require one to work over-night and even more just to finish. Sometimes, these efforts pay off; some do not. I spent the whole night and a few hours before dawn to finish a school project and meet the deadline. Surprisingly, I also got through five major exams today. Not to mention, feeling confident about each of them and having a good time despite going through that tedious ordeal. Nothing seemed to be extremely difficult for me. I should be burned-out and tired by this time, but stress has not overwhelmed me yet.

Where is this calm coming from?

Perhaps it was my conscious effort to have a positive mood that allowed me to go through a supposedly wearisome day. Before I even began working on a challenging project, I convinced myself that no stress will overcome me. I only needed to manage my time wisely. I figured that I own my time; time does not own me. All things can easily be accomplished in time if one wears a cheerful and positive disposition. Thinking positively makes all else lighter. It’s a mindset that we all need to consciously cultivate until it becomes a ready arsenal up our sleeves – easily accessible in times of strain and pressure.

I realize now that blessings have been showered in the guise of stress. What looked like a laborious task turned out to be an advantageous training – one that has taught me to be enduring and resilient. I could smile now even as I think of how much work had been given to me. I had the chance to learn and to develop more skills. In addition to this, I gained more confidence. Now it feels like I could take on more challenges and take them all with ease. Perhaps I am being prepped for a greater task. Who knows? At least now, I could say that stress is a blessing.


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