Dye! Dye! 

A pinch of salt
Pour powder
Contents meet
Liquid simmer


Stir… Stir
Red come forth
Bloody result
I somersault


I’ve got it!
I’ve made it!
Boil, oh, boil!
Perfect scarlet


Press and dry
Wait; no hurry
Wear it there
Til after-party


Dye, oh, dye
You make me cry!
You made so happy
I’m the belle of the party!


Dye, oh, dye
Your vivid crimson
Blushed vibrantly
Heads turn instantly


Fiery heat
Faces sweaty
Some in envy
Some, lusty


Twirl, twirl
Bloody satin
Look at me
But don’t sin.


Thank God for this
My ingenuity
My Creativity
On shades of vivid Cerise

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