Same Guy

Three-day event.
I’m going to see him.
At last, I’m going to meet him.
Will I like what I see?

First day.

I anticipated

– that was the moment.
I waited
I had no idea who I was waiting for.
I saw someone.
He caught my attention.
There was something in him that made an impact.
I wished it was “him”
– the one I was supposed to meet.
I really wished that was him.

Second day.
I said I was not going to wait for him anymore.
It dawned on me that what I was doing was useless.
He won’t like me anyway; he won’t.

Night approached,
I still haven’t met him.
I felt like giving up.
He wasn’t going to approach me…
he’s not into me, alright.
He might have seen me from afar,
But backed out.
Perhaps, he didn’t like me at all.

Third day.
My friends found out who I was expecting.
They said he was looking for me!
I was ecstatic inside,
but I learned to expect the worst
and not expect too much.
I might get hurt…
I should give up hope.

Thus, I left…
he arrived…
I returned…
he left…
I searched …
he came back…
I came back for the last time…

He still wasn’t there.
No sign of him

My friends said,
“If you don’t meet up for the fourth time,
you’re not meant to be.”

I’m never going to see the one I longed to see.
I stood there…

Then someone approached…
But I stopped assuming.
I was about to leave…
When people announced…
“He is here!”

My heart beat triple time…
I was nervous.
I was excited.
Both at the same time.
My emotions mixed.

Will I expect?
No, I’m not going to.
So I started to walk away…

“Hello, how are you,” a man’s voice said…

I looked at his face.
It was the guy on the “first day”
The one who caught my attention!

Could it be?
Could he be the one I was longing to see?
Are the men one in the same?
I longed to see someone,
then I saw someone I liked…

It turned out that…
He who caught my attention
was the man I was waiting for!
I knew I will never be as excited as this…

same guy cover

Part of My Crazy High School Verses


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