Half A Meter Close

Half a meter close
The fear of being caught
Makes the connection thrilling


I hear you breathe
I notice a triple rhythm
Lub-dub-dub in your chest


My mind spins round and round
Darkness makes me more lovely
Though your face is blurry
I remember your eyes


Your deep, dark eyes
Your red, red lips
The wide smile you gave
The weight of your gaze


I recall the moment you first looked
You were in awe.


How I wish you were nearer


I kept my mind busy
I tried to enjoy
Focus can’t creep
You’re so stubborn!


I can’t get you off my mind
You’re always there lingering
You dominate my thinking


Man, will I ever stop thinking of you?
You hurt me unconsciously.
It’s too much
I can’t take it

half a meter close

my crazy high school verses
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