poetry; don't you think of me?

Don’t You Think Of Me?

I woke up in the morning
Smile on my face
I looked at my phone
12 messages!


I scrolled it up and down
Your name wasn’t there.
Frown usurped smile
Half of my day ruined


How come I’m so down?


Three days straight
You’ve been cold:
no text; no calls!
I’ve been guessing




I’ve gone paranoid


Where in the world are you?
What have you been doing lately?
Could this be true?
That you don’t even think of me?


Yesterday, you told my friend
That I’m special to you
But… where are you now?


Are you giving up?
Letting go?
You said I’m too good for you.
How come?


Whatever it is,
I don’t mind….
I really don’t


I don’t understand my feelings
I always need you.
You’re the best I ever had
Didn’t think I would ever care


You induced my fantasies
Will everything remain like that?
Are you just a spark?
Won’t you ignite?


Do you feel what I’m feeling?
Do you see my pain?
Do I affect you…
Don’t you think of me at all?

poetry; don't you think of me?

Part of My Crazy High School Verses

my crazy high school verses

6 thoughts on “Don’t You Think Of Me?

    1. Thanks. They’re from my high school notebooks, written when i was a teenager. I’m sure my teenage self will thank you, albeit shyly and awkwardly. 😊


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