Because My Eyes are Red, Teary, & Weary

My eyes are red, teary and weary
My tummy aching and empty
I sat for hours half-twenty
I’m long past ready

My hopes were up
Expectations a plenty
You promised me, dear
I was to meet higher up

Way past curfew
The crowd gone few
Must’ve been turned down
For they wore a frown

I was the last one standing
My breasts are leaking
I didn’t mind it one bit
Sacrifice for this sh**!

My babies are waiting
At home, perhaps sleeping
Stretch the day for this
The best option there is

The contract is there
My pen is ready
My name printed
Employment drafted

Contract sealed and covered
Change of plans after all
With my eyes that looked conquered
I lacked something, so, no call

Strength by time, drained
That’s why it wasn’t seen
My voice sounded shaky
Parched for hours going thirteen

Judged that I was weak
Though skilled and excellent
Thought that I’m unstable
For I’m physically incapable

Justice and fairness
Where are you when I need you?
A bad day’s embrace
Forced me to go through.

Went home empty-handed
I almost had it, I know
So unfair… unfair!
Because strength didn’t show.


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