Mr. Ungrateful

I never needed his help
I did not ask for any of it
I was doing just fine
Mine’s the credit.

Why should I feel sorry?
I don’t want to beg
I don’t want his pity
This is MY story.

I won’t ask for forgiveness
Because he wasn’t there
When everything’s a mess,
He was nowhere.

He could go on sulking
I really don’t care.
His tears won’t affect me
This is just fair.

Prostrate on the floor
I’m numb to the core
I’m steel, you’re forgetting
Need I say more?

I managed on my own
I succeeded, you see
I’m independent and wise
I’m a top awardee!

See how I turned out to be
People just love me;
I can’t give him credit
– nothing to his benefit.

He’s like any other
What’s the big deal?
I won’t even shudder
There’s nothing to feel.

Go on and talk sense into me
As if I care
I can handle this, you know
Come on and dare!

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