Don’t Be Him


A thing of the past
He was everything to me
He meant so much
I cared for him deeply


The distance was indeed far
That didn’t matter to me
That didn’t hinder me from loving
But to him, it was nothing.


He needed someone near
He needed the presence
His cold nights to warm
Her poisonous kiss to harm!


Then he was gone.
He left me hanging
So full of questions
My tears kept coming


I met you…
Memory has a twin
You’re as far as he was
Miles away from me, too


Same make as he
You’re close to women, too
You’re of the same place
Hanging with the same crew…


It’s okay, I say
I’m all for second chances
Just don’t be him
Don’t do what he did


Veer away from the temptress
Don’t let your heart grow cold
Lest you crave for warmth
That’s not mine to afford


Click picture for more Crazy High School Verses

don't be him cover

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