I Think I Do

Oh, I hate him
But I listened to him
He made me believe I was special
Yes, I can feel him
But it still isn’t enough

I want more of him
I want him close
Words aren’t enough for me
He has to prove me wrong


The distance bothers me
He’s so far away
I have to wait
I’m not sure until when

He’s not mine, nor I, his
We both have chances to play
But we don’t take it.

I want things to flow fast
I wonder why he’s still immobile
He doesn’t have the initiative
And I hate to assume

I hear what I want to hear
I want the real thing
If the real thing doesn’t work
So be it.

I do not like him
But I fantasize
He’s not what I wish for
Yet, I need his presence


His deep eyes h◊unt me at night
In my dreams, they take my might
I’m not strong enough not to think of him
He’s inside… eternally

I hate him for he doesn’t show up
I demand too much of him
Why do I feel like that?


I do not care for him
I really don’t
But in the back of my mind…
I think I do.

I Think I Do cver

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