Insensitive Brute

I deny the fact that:
I look at the phone
And it doesn’t ring
It doesn’t even ring!

What is he doing?
What is he up to?
Is he mad at me?
Is he thinking of me?

Last night didn’t end well
I think we argued
For reasons I can’t remember,
I said bitter words

I only said those words
Because I can’t tell the truth
Lest I give in again
And say too much

I wanted him to pry
I wanted him to dig deeper
I wanted him to try!
I wanted to feel he is there
I wanted him to be affected

I don’t think he’s numb
I don’t think he’s insensitive
He’s just passive
Hard to succumb…


My phone isn’t ringing
I’m waiting…
For him

Do I even miss him?
The truth is…
I deny the fact that I do…

I Think I Do COVER

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