Wander, Wander…

Wander, wander

Now I wonder

What’s it like to live

Beside the highway.

Wander, wander

As I ponder

What’s it like

To be another

Certain as the sea

Sure as the river

There’s more to see

Beyond faceless poverty

Town after town

Blurry strokes

Hazy images

Natural vision


Similarity strikes

Harsh truth

Staring straight

Couldn’t undo

What God wills

Fate is true

What can one do?

A mere speck

That’s me and you

We wander and wander

We could only wonder

Sad that we could only wonder

What it’s like to be

Impoverished in liberty

What laughing irony

Perhaps in simplicity

They are happy

Gratified easily

Content, maybe

Unlike you and me,

They are free

Minds at rest

Not in riches

Simple yet beautiful

Like the setting of the sun

They breathe each day

Like tomorrow’s none

The simple thought

Of feet kissing the ground

The virgin earth touching bare skin

Waiting to be found

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