Hate to Hurt You

You’ve been good, gentle and caring
Yet, there’s something missing
I want to repay you
But, how could I?


I stay up late with you on the phone
We chat and talk ‘til the break of dawn
Nonsense matters arise
Forced to deal with such boredom.


I acted nice
I pretended to be sweet
I respected your kindness
But, it just doesn’t work
I get tired.


I do not want to dismiss you
In fact, I want you to stay
Be a friend that I’ll cherish
I guess I just want it that way


I don’t intend to hurt you
But how could I possibly tell you
I do not want something beyond friendship
I do not need “it” yet


My attention is not on you
I’m distracted with something new
Just be there and stay
Don’t dare go away.


hate to hurt you cover

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