Strutting her stuff

She flips her hair

Her head tossed,

In the fragrant air.

Voice shrill

Pitch so high

Inflections phony

Such a lie!

Chest out

Tummy in

Buttocks all about

Swagger’s mean

Smile that toothy grin

Dazzle and shine

I know what you mean

You’re after him!

He won’t budge, I tell you

I’m about to make him mine

At the end of the day, you’ll see

We will cross the line.


Oh, there he is,

My future lover

Come sit with me

Not with any other.

Then lover comes;

Lover obeys

He’s mine now

Alyana, just you wait.

Alyana approaches

“Hi, baby” she says.

Lover stutters

Lover stares

Lover’s eyes misty

Lover’s eyes aglow

Lover’s lips curving

That smile I know.

My future gone,

My heart shattered

Alyana came close

To me: “Game Over.

From My Poetry Collection


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