Miss Nostrils

You’re with me;
I’m with you.
We go to the same places,
mingling with the same faces.

Your head’s held high,
Like a queen almighty.
So sure of herself,
Taking me so lightly…

You feel strong because I’m here.
But never will you turn your ear.
– To listen once to a word,
Carefully uttered, you’ve not heard.

You say please;
I concede.
You’re the boss;
I’m a lost cause.

You think your God’s gift to men…
Spend nights concealed with them.
Secretly luring each…
’til they suck you dry like leech.

You love this, don’t you?
Some flower to bees, you are.
Soon you’ll discover,
They’ll flee you, so far

Go ahead and ignore me!
Don’t heed my advice.
Lift your nostrils higher.
Feed on their lies.

I don’t know why I put up with you.
You seem to have no clue,
That I sometimes I wish…
I could tear you in two.

I couldn’t stand you
Because I don’t like you.
But what could I do?
I’m stuck like glue!

Someday, you’ll see…
I’ve been right all along.
For now, Ill let you be…
Carry along.

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