Black Sheep

Lazy, irresponsible, insensitive, snob, diva…

Few words they throw to define her.
Of all people, she hears it from her family – her so-called family.
Sometimes she would think that she doesn’t belong to that family.
They’re “too good” to get along with the likes of her.
She wonders why they are of her own kind and of her own blood.
It is easy to disown her, it seems.

She’s getting used to those words.
They tell her that she is being defensive, irrational, and immature whenever she attempts to rationalize and explain her perspective on things.
Whenever she argues with her brother, for instance, she is the only person to blame.
That’s even one of those kind circumstances…

She always tries hard to keep silent.
She hurts but she keeps it inside.
The pain stays with her and it will take her years to forget.
She probably will never forget…

She was never an achiever, unlike her brother and sister.
They had it easy in life and they never went through tough times and difficult situations.
Everything seems to flow smoothly for them.

She wonders whether she is the unfavored one… or the unwanted.
Why is she the one punished?
She experienced bad things in the past, but she learned through them.

She isn’t sure whether this feeling of being unwanted will ever end.
She doesn’t know why hardships gravitate towards her.
She’s getting used to the bad light…



From My Crazy High School Verses

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