I Said I Won’t Call

I said I won’t call
“so be it… I don’t care”
I won’t need you
I’ll get over you

3 days…
You didn’t text…
I was lonely
Something’s missing.

I dropped the pride
Dialed your number
Your aunt said you’re not there
You’re somewhere else

“what is he possibly doing there?”
“did he meet someone new?”
I decided to wait
Long hours passed

My eyes droopy
My phone rang
Finally… it was you
My senses awakened

I liked the sound from the other line
Your voice made my heart a leapin’
You laughed… everything was fine
I forgot that I hated you

I hope you won’t forget that I wait
I will always wait
No matter what
No matter how late.

I Said I Won't Call

Part of My Crazy High School Verses

my crazy high school verses

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