Ah, Family

It’s so nice to hear
People talking about you
Especially when the things you hear
Are the things you want to hear

I’m a daughter of a good father
I have my mother’s talent
My sister can sing with me
And so does my brother

Pa, ma, sis, and bro
Everyone achieves something
They’re all important people
Making the ordinary, extraordinary

People need my father
But they won’t need him without my mom
My mom won’t do anything without me
And I won’t go anywhere without my sister
My sister who always brings my brother along

Papa speaks
Mama accompanies
I sing with all my heart
I am not inspired without sis
I won’t sing without bro’s harmony

Sis gives the harmony to my melody
Bro gives the bass and beat
All in all, we couldn’t function
If one is missing in action.

Ah, Family cover

Part of My Crazy High School Verses

my crazy high school verses

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