Strange Sherlock Turing & Smaug

Benedict Cumberbatch reading Ode to a Nightingale

He’s long and slim
Not my type
What’s up with him
Ruining my hype

He speaks so low
Unnerving me
It’s disturbing me
Does it show?

I listen to his words
I’m shaken to the core
Guilty for wanting more
Gaining my favor

He plays the role
Of one Sherlock Holmes
He does more
The voice behind a Dragon

He marvels the world
As Dr. Strange
Keeps himself interesting
As the great Turing

I can’t help but notice
How insane I get
So out of focus
I surely regret

Thinking about him
As if he’s real
Embodying my ideal
Man of a dream

I feel so stupid
Wishing on a star
That in my other life
He’s not that far

I cannot think of him
He’s not real
Just a fantasy
To make me feel

I wish he came to be
When I was free
When I was allowed to express
No mind for subtlety

I would’ve carelessly uttered
Words of admiration
With intense conviction
My own discretion

It’s a sin, I know
This secret’s forbidden
For a long time ago,
My heart has been taken.

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