Don’t Know What to Say

Mom told me to write
my thoughts about you
“Okay”, I said
But in my mind…
“What do I truly know about you?”

Honestly, I don’t know how to begin.
Words in my mind do not come together.
They’re just in there…
Disjointed and incoherent…
They don’t come out!

I can say I love you
Because you’re family to me.
Well, I have to.
I’m of your blood.

You’ve been the kindest person.
You are so dear to people.
You’re a treasure to keep
And certainly, worth remembering.

Everything I do,
I unconsciously do for you.
The thought of you inspires.
You’re a model to mankind.

But what can I say about you?
I should know a thing or two.
Can’t squeeze out water
From dried cloth.

I knew you from photos.
I spoke to you in letters.
What is that, really?
But documented memory.






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