Dear Follower

Follow for the right reasons

Don’t follow
If you will only unfollow
Don’t follow
If you will only let me follow…

Don’t abuse me.
I’m kind and generous.
Don’t use me
To make yourself famous.

Don’t follow
If you’ll only need me
to follow you back
and add up to your thousands.

I click follow
Because I want to
Not because I want you
To follow me, too
When your intention
Is to unfollow me
While I am following you.

Don’t follow
If you will unfollow
For it will hurt me so
If you leave me solo.

Don’t be a Harvey
Two faces you show.
Don’t follow like Joker
Just to oblige and mock me so.

If you should unfollow,
Unfollow me with valid reasons
Not because I eventually follow
As soon as I see you follow.

If you should unfollow,
That doesn’t mean I will unfollow, too.
I’m not that sort of lass,
Affected by some pompous ass.

If I should unfollow you
As soon as you unfollow me,
It may be because
You don’t whet my curiosity.

I’m no fish to bait
With your hooks to unfollow.
Follow because you want to
Not because I’ll follow you, too.

Dear follower

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