How Old Am I?

I’m not young;
I’m not old…
At least not yet…
As far as I know.

To some I look older
To some, too young
I look like a college girl
I look like a mom

Is it my eyes that betray?
Or lack of hair that’s gray.
Is it my smile that misleads?
Or my childish deeds?

Oh, Mr. Perception
Make up your mind!
Kiss me sweet…
Kiss me sour…

Whatever you need
I’m yours to devour
I’m a candy treat
Just for an hour.

Take heed, however
Legal or illegal
Unzip me if you’re single
My years to discover

Probe and see
My grandiosity
Trace every curve and line
Decide if I’m sexy

What if i’m old?
What if i’m young?
Will you be as bold
To stick out your tongue?

It is strange, I know
Remember this, though
If in doubt, don’t do it
Otherwise, regret it.

Ah, Indecision
Can’t figure me out.
You’re a lost cause
To your own obsession.


How old am i?


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