He is kind and patient.

I do not intend to hurt him.

But, it’s heading to hurting.

He texts me frequently and makes sure he knows what’s up with me.

I do not usually send replies…

I do not want to talk to him.

He seeks friendship.

I’m trying hard to be a friend to him, but it just doesn’t work!

I do not know how to fake friendship.

If I don’t feel like dealing with a certain person, I really will NOT deal with that person.

With him, though, I gave it a shot.

But it just doesn’t work.

How will I let him know that I do not want him?

He and I do not match.

We are not of the same wavelength.

We collide.

I do not want to hurt his feelings.

Unfortunately for him, my rude side often shows.

I tend to snob him and utter harsh words just to drive him away.

I can’t say it to his face, so I let him feel.

Perhaps he will figure it out for himself…

I act like a diva to him…

I just know that’s the way to turn him off.

I hope he gets what I mean…

Because I don’t want to hurt him.



From My Crazy High School Verses

my crazy high school verses
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