his game

His Game

He plugs a box to view color.

Flicks the thumbstick to hover.

Stops occasionally at a certain option.

Presses “A” to set motion.

Then appears Graphics galore

Lures and entices him more…

He chooses Difficult for hardcore,

Where enemies are as mighty as Thor.

Speakers boom

To prepare his mind.

He braces himself

For a grueling grind.

Sound effects fill the air

Blood, violence and gore…

Presses harder… faster…

Moves more without care.

I stand back and watch.

I believe I should be furious

But I let him beat The Temptress,

The game’s villainous empress.

He’s hooked like a fish to bait.

He can’t move; he can’t stop.

He can’t let go; he dares not…

Unaware that the hour is late.

He is utterly savage!

That is, on game screen.

I wouldn’t be bothered, though.

He’s innocent of sin.

He plays these games to his heart’s content.

I let him be; he has my consent.

For at least he comes home to be with me,

Thankful that I still have his loyalty.

I’d rather let him play like a teenager

Than see him playing with Mistress Danger.

As long as he has a game to play,

I know that with me, he chooses to stay.

For as long as the heroine carries my name

I let him finish the game.

Perhaps I’ll pick up the other controller

And play alongside his character.

his game


2 thoughts on “His Game

  1. I really enjoyed this. I thought of my two daughters who grew up on video games. It was hard when I could no longer beat the older one and not long after, I had no chance against the younger one. Oh, the shame!

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