Goodbye, Beauty

Goodbye to you, beauty.
You are no longer my cherished companion.
I know you’ve been a good friend to me,
From the first bloom to the plucking…


Farewell, my reliable friend.
You’ve been my constant shield.
When the world was set to hate me,
Your visage, you cast to protect me.


I reminisce of the times we were unstoppable
Men and women swept off their feet,
Seemingly surrendering to defeat…
All because you only show your face,
And manifest undeniable grace.


You’ve landed me my knight
Onto the real world, we took flight.
It was you who lured him.
Into a room, so dim…


Goodbye now, beauty,
For I can no longer wear you.
My face has grotesquely grown,
From chasing time from dusk to dawn


I shall submit to time’s swaying…
Yield this shell that’s expiring…
For though I long to covet beauty,
This body, worn & torn, betrays me.

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