Mina, the Clanging Cymbal

She calls dear Roonie names
A horse… a dog… and whatever label.
She accuses Roonie of hypocrisy,
Stabs a sword of anger for mere publicity.

She centers on Roonie’s dentures,
Saying, “Roonie’s breath is bad… so bad due to that!”
She insults Roonie further…
Saying, “She’s false! She’s false!
Her brain is defective! Don’t believe her!”

She demeans Roonie’s education and merits
All because Roonie called “peace”, not wanting credit.
To Mina, it was such a defect…
To have learned, finished, and graduated!

Mina is allergic to intelligence.
Mina abhors honor.
She can’t take it!
Oh, she doesn’t know how.

Miss Clanging Cymbal clanked,
“I’m a child of the most high!
I can quote a verse from the Bible.
I am not afraid of you, woman…
I dare you to fight me… face me… battle with me!”

She tramples on Roonie’s accomplishments.
I wonder why that is so…
Mina’s hatred is unabated.
Such jealous and insecure tiny little soul!

I wonder why Mina said such things…
I bet she imagines she’s Angel Locsin,
Who tries to fly again like Darna
Like she doesn’t have bad breath in the morning!

I pity Miss Mina, really
As she rants, bombasts, and abuses others like Roonie.
Her voice is like a battered, cast-off, out-of-tune trumpet…
Nobody likes to hear the sound of her pitter-pattering-pet-pet!

Let her sit on her seat of self-righteousness!
Let her say that we are charlatans!
Let her invectives and foul-language flood the Social network!
Let her break the internet with her mindless talk!

With her fake duck-face and dreadful stances…
Her pimples and her inflated ego…
What heaven will accept her?
What hell can tolerate?

I wonder if God will open the gates for Mina…
Should she attempt to enter…
With flesh that reeks of malicious chatter,
I doubt if she’ll ever find Grace!

She should’ve shut her mouth
She should’ve kept her silence
She should’ve bridled her tongue
Her sharp, snake-like tongue!

Mina, Mina…
Who did not think…
Who was careless and tactless…
Tasteless, vulgar, and  now, friendless…


3 thoughts on “Mina, the Clanging Cymbal

    1. I don’t strictly adhere to a certain style, I think… Or maybe i’m just still on the process of finding out what my style really is. I only know that I let the content speak for itself and they often come out in poetic form… Or like a song in my head…
      But lately, they’ve​ been taking on different variations. I’m mustering some courage to present the other pieces in a different way. I’m only waiting for the right time.
      Thanks again for taking your time to read my work and finding it distinct somehow.😄


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