Stop Badgering the Minister!

You come to church to pray
You raise your hands to worship
You sing at the top of your lungs
You listen to God’s  Holy word.

Tears in your eyes…
You felt the Holy Spirit.
You cry in anguish…
Cast all your cares without limit

You listen to the minister
Yet you criticize inside.
You look for his faults
The ones he has to hide.

He mispronounces
Oooh! Strike 1!
You wait for another
‘til the sermon is done.

You shake hands with him
Saying, “You did great, Pastor.”
But when he has passed you by
You bid your nice façade “goodbye”

You’re like lions waiting
To pounce on the helpless prey.
You plan to tear him to pieces
Consume him the whole day.

I don’t question your intentions.
Attend church or not,
What do I care?
It is between you and God.

I’m happy when you help out.
I’m glad when you smile.
That’s your better fascia.
A gem of the rare kind!

Yet, you call on your friends to gossip
Chat about things negative.
You still think you’re righteous…
Believing you’re in the positive

You plot and connive,
Demanding you haven’t had enough
“The Pastor is neglectful.
Let’s give him love that is tough!”

You pray it over…
Claiming it was God’s prompting…
To oust or replace the pastor…
Criticize, bring him down… down!

Wow! You must be superman
The better person, you are!
You’re the righteous judge

– No sin; no scar!

You don’t stop ‘til he’s hurt
The Minister, tired and worn,
Bent so low to kiss the Earth…
Until he wished he weren’t born!

Will you bring him so low like Job?
“Empty and drain him!” sayeth the Mob.
Will you throw stones at him, too?
Like Magdalene who was untrue?

Perhaps you’d like to betray your minister
Like Judas to his friend, Jesus
When unbelievers will question you,
Like Peter, I bet, you would deny him, too.

Why do you even listen to the minister,
If you will only pray for his fall?
What more do you want from him, brother & sister…
After he’s given his all?

Don’t tell me that is “rebuke”.
You don’t know what you’re saying!
You say, “This is by the Book!”
Yet you don’t know Its true meaning!

Stop being such a hypocrite!
Love, encourage, and unite
Stop putting up a fight
We all have Death to meet!

For now, I forgive you
Even as I see the real you
I love you, brother, sister…
Just stop badgering the minister.


5 thoughts on “Stop Badgering the Minister!

  1. Very well written Cari. I have seen this happen so many times to Ministers of the Church the congregation work to bring him down. They do not see the Minister as a man trying to work in their best way for God. These vipers enjoy the kill and destruction. I stopped going to church. I abhored the fashion shows, the competition in jewelry. The plastic masks people worn which melted on exiting the church. I pray at home. My home is my santuary none can enter who would foul it. Many blessing and soul love to you. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s an unfortunate reality, isn’t it? It wounds us to witness such things..
      I understand your reason for choosing not to attend church anymore… Because, that’s exactly my personal reason for seconding you.

      Liked by 1 person

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