Two Faces

So kind and thoughtful
So understanding and pure
I thank you for your regard
I thank you for the concern

But I heard you, sister
Chatting away with your friends
Saying malicious bits
Sounding like a b****!

You “Dig Deeper” into the Word
Claim you’re saved and delivered
Sing Psalms and praises
With lips false blathers stained

You take it out on the innocent
Finding fault in people
From the minister to little Carol
Claw your way for their fall

Chatter here, chatter there
Lies, lies, and more lies
Your words cold as ice
Just so you appear fair


2 thoughts on “Two Faces

  1. It is a big problem with people who are two faced. They know how to hide if needs be. The quote by whom I do not know. “I do not know which of your faces to slap first” both sides need a slap the goodie goodie mask and the viper.

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