Luji Who Couldn’t Bite


Every time he spent his days and nights in somebody else’s house, Luji couldn’t bite.

When he said that they have invited him anyway and that they have extended their courtesy to him, she didn’t bite. There seemed to be nothing wrong with spending days and nights in somebody else’s house anyway. The people in that house were just being nice and polite…

Luji waits for hours – every day and every night, straining her eyes. She always looked sideways towards her phone, wondering if he will ever text or call.  “I wonder where he is now”, she would say to herself. Outside, she would see snow – the cold snow. Inside their house, everything is silent. She would only hear her breathing and sniffling. There would still be no blink or beep or vibration; only a dark screen. Luji expects such things, but she keeps on convincing herself that perhaps he’s had a change of heart.

He comes home some nights and Luji still wouldn’t bite. “I’m long past arguing”, she would say. “There’s no use defending and reasoning because it will only fall on deaf ears. I’ve lost him. I don’t know what to do.” ­– this, she told us one late night, when she knocked on our door with tears in her eyes. Luji said again and again, that she couldn’t leave. She had no choice. I did not understand it when she said, “I cannot bite the hand the feeds and provides. I would die.”

His car drove pass me one day, and I saw him laughing and laughing. In the passenger seat was Luji – oh, no – it wasn’t Luji!

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