… A Little Hulk of a Brother

A Little Hulk of a Brother


My brother and I finally talked about something sensible after that serious disagreement we had a couple of days ago. I realize now that he sure is not forgiving; he is ruthless! His pride rises to major heights and I am secretly frightened. He is terror in a 4-feet-vessel.

 In my part, I forgive easily and give others second chances if needs be – unhesitatingly.

Eruan is not like me. My brother is a hard-nosed enemy. He doesn’t want to lose; he cannot lose. I remember how he ended up with a bloody head one afternoon. He was just innocently playing with a neighbor named Tsartsill – a decidedly smaller boy – when small stones, sticks, and strewn wood with nails jutting out were thrown into the equation of child’s play. I think Tsartsill blamed Eruan; the former had a bloody frontage, too. “He hit me first,” Tsartsill declared. But the truth was that, he “took” something from Eruan.

Need I say more about the time a certain Englebert came to school with a plaster cast molded around his arm because Eruan pushed him in “self-defense” because the former stabbed Eruan’s eye with a pencil?


I have resolved not to upset Eruan in the future, lest I end up with more than a broken door.

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