…An Apprentice’s Pride

An Apprentice’s Pride

      Marquis is my father’s apprentice/protégé/acolyte… I am not sure what he’s called, really. He’s a student and he is younger; he learns from my father. I don’t know how he learns – through observation and conversation, I guess.

      He’s a stubborn guy – Marquis is – dogged in his thinking; Idealistic and close-minded. What he believes is the truth and is the right thing. I disagreed with him once and I was put in the wrong.

     I don’t know why he thinks he is always right. Just a couple of minutes ago, I had another “debate” with him. It’s religious stuff so I don’t want to delineate it here; it’s messy. We ended up resenting and despising each other more.

Strong words? That’s hardly the gist of the intense emotions I felt along the lines of being utterly appalled! I will not conjure up lighter and kindlier terms to describe how I feel about him at present.

     Why doesn’t he want to open his mind? Just because he is studying in the Seminary doesn’t mean he’s the authority on religious matters. I have a say, too. I read my Bible! I know my Bible! Besides, he is still a student…

     I wonder if the Seminary teaches the students to be exclusive in their thoughts and beliefs. What if a certain student has wrong judgments? Will that still make him in the right? Will he still be a credible source of “edification” of the ignorant?

     I’ve learned that an excellent way to avoid strained relationships with people is to open one’s mind and to at least, listen to what others have to say. Then consider. My father once told me, “Kiss ‘em first; then kick ‘em. But kiss ‘em in the end.”

     Marquis has to learn to listen and consider other’s opinions and suggestions. If he doesn’t learn to bend a little, he will always see trouble.

     I would like to like Marquis in the future. I don’t want to hate the guy forever. He has good character overall. There are just small bits here and there that still need fixing – like his apparent fascination of always being in the right and the tendency to shove his beliefs right up people’s asses.

      Therein lies an apprentice’s pride sometimes.

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