… Textmates from Afar

Textmates from Afar

I didn’t know that missing a special someone stresses one out. Ced told me that he is busy reviewing and studying for his midterms and I chose to believe him – no matter the distance. Too bad; I don’t have anything major to do at this time. I’m free and free and free… We could’ve texted our hearts out.

He said he is going to make it up to me after his midterms. That is two or three days from today; a short time to wait – but to me, it is analogous to two months! That’s a long time to wait. I’m not sure I have the patience.

Why do I miss him so?

Is this what they call “longing”?

My phone beeps…

“What are you doing?” the text read.

It must be okay to text him now. That means he already has time in his hands. That means he is done studying and reviewing!

Great! I can have him all to myself.

I sent a reply “Here. Just chillin’. You?”

No reply.

“Here. Just chillin’. You?”

No reply.


No reply.


No reply.

“Are you still there?”

No reply.

“Why don’t you text back? Are you still busy studying?” I felt my cheeks grow hot. Exasperated, “WHY DID YOU TEXT IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TEXT BACK? WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?”

I was riled up already. I hated waiting for nothing.

Then, like a miracle, he texted back.

I smiled. He misses me after all…

 “AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! MILDRED…..” the text read.

I hit the reply button, and then I paused…

Wait a minute. My name is not Mildred!


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