Jorge with the Stupid Grin & the Alpha Who Imprinted   

(…Last Blow continued)

There was once a girl who wanted to look good, so she worked hard to look good

– exercised, watched her diet, meditated on good things, took schooling seriously, explored her talents, tried new things, dared to conquer new heights, and such. Looking good and being at her best were her only trivial concerns; she wanted to be the “total package”; She wanted to be the ideal girl.

When Jorge, the guy who acted like he liked her and had somehow, adored her, (but denied courting her), dragged her from the Student Council office of her college to check out a “meeting” that was being held in the Student Council office of his college, she thought that she was in for another sweet surprise – yet again – from an awestruck admirer.

She let Jorge drag her along…

Jorge, with his ridiculously stupid grin, surprised her, indeed. There at the Business & Finance Student Council Office, she found herself walking into what looked like a Bible Study.

“You need to grow spiritually as well as intellectually, Rhyne,” Jorge with the stupid grin said – assuming yet again, that she needed reminding.

Rhyne’s first thought was to get out of there immediately. She almost regretted her decision to let Jorge drag her along – almost. She should’ve known that Jorge was up to no good… was up to set her up, yet again, like he always did hitherto.

Rhyne could’ve utterly regretted going; she could’ve ran. But she didn’t…

Three meters from her, a guy who carried the aura of being the Alpha of the pack of unctuous beings, sat. His hands were making slicing motions in the air while he was in the middle of explaining something about “the love that is the ultimate love”. His voice was full of heartiness and vivacity and it was infectious… hypnotic, spellbinding, mesmerizing, entrancing, enthralling even. The girl was drawn in an instant, like she was suck wholly into a vortex of enigma – the enigma with a primordial energy called Derek Crusoe.

As if under hypnosis, Rhyne found herself seated among the pack that circled the Alpha. Like the others, she was in a reverie – compelled to listen and to hang on to his every word. Her eyes were glued to the Alpha. Everything else around her did not matter. Did she even notice anything at all after that captivating moment? I don’t know for sure. I believe that everything became a blur to her – including Jorge who was still grinning stupidly. Hadn’t she planned on giving Jorge and herself a chance at love? Where has that resolve gone?

All throughout the meeting, she was hooked on Alpha. And Alpha seemed to return the favor, for upon seeing her enter the BFSC Office, he never took his eyes off of her for more than a minute. His eyeballs always reverted to the direction where she was in.

In her mind, “This is a man I could love… one that I want to love…”

In his mind, “I need to protect her; I am the man to keep her…”

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