“Saving All My Love for You”

(… Last Blow continued)


He was busy with schoolwork. I believe he was then working on a group project that was major – something about Entrepreneurship.

His class was held in the fifth floor of the Business & Finance building – the most intimidating and highly academic-looking building in our school, (in my estimation).

I didn’t have a class at that time and I felt like I just had to see him again. All those days and endless hours of texting and texting, pouring our hearts out into those contracted words, our friendship blossoming into something good and promising…

The hankering was strong. I just had to fulfill the biddings of my heart somehow.

My feet – tough and enduring, took me through flights of stairs, onto the topmost floor of the building that intimidated me. I never stopped to breathe; I never stopped to rest. I think I flew through the steps… my mind racing and exhilarated because I was going to see him.

I trudged the corridor that led me to the classroom where he and his daunting classmates were working. I expected them all to be surprised at the sight of a non-Business student in their midst.

They will wonder… they will suspect… they will sneer… they will speculate and think maliciously… or not…

I hoped not…

Then I saw him, standing outside the door, waiting for me, perhaps? I think I ran to him and held both his hands and began to sway him to the music I alone, heard. He must’ve thought I was high or nutts or something, but he still smiled and half-laughed. Then I sang along with the music in my head…

“So, I’m saving all my love. Yes, I’m saving all my love for you…” and at the top of my lungs, continued brazenly, “for you… for you – uuuuu”

Ah, Whitney Houston…

His face was difficult to sketch. I only remember that his eyes grew larger and rounder and there was a sparkle there. He curbed a smile – and I knew it was a smile because his dimples betrayed his resolve not to smile. His pursed lips curved and lifted slightly at the corners.

I knew he was glad to see me.

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