Jezebel Spirit

(…Last Blow continued)


She said I have the Jezebel Spirit. I didn’t understand what she meant – this girl whose name is Laura. At first, I thought it was a compliment on my looks, but I figured otherwise; there were hostile undercurrents.

Derek relayed this verity to me, for he resented people talking against other people behind their backs. It was a warning of some sort – Laura’s last attempt to convince Derek that I was bad news… that I was “trouble who walked in”. It was her succinct way of tugging the few remaining strings that connected her to Derek. Perhaps he would listen… perhaps he would believe… after all, weren’t they of the same fellowship? Of the same faith? Hadn’t they communed once?

Jezebel in the Bible is an embodiment of evil… of error… infamy… dominance… idolatry… and such; her spirit is thought to be foul. I don’t know what Laura saw in me that made her tremble, cringe, recoil… and warn her dear friend, Derek, to “veer away from the temptress.” She must’ve distrusted me and suspected me of poisoning her friend’s mind into utter wakefulness. Was it my bearing, my demeanor, my gait, my voice… my eyes?

I don’t know. I merely looked at her with a sense of knowing one day – just once – to send the message across that I knew how much she cared for Derek more than a friend. I knew because I could smell her from across the great hall…

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