Flloyd, the Mentor & His Mentee

(… Last Blow continued)

“Be careful not to toy with her feelings,” Flloyd, the Mentor counselled his mentee, Derek Crusoe, who was an Alpha in his own right. Flloyd deliberately feigned concern towards a certain girl’s feelings and welfare, so as not to sound altogether cruel. He wanted Derek to believe that what he advises is for Derek’s own good.

The Government-12’s plans of “harvesting” disciples and followers from Universities had been easy because of men like Derek who do the hard work for them. “Get to the Alpha; get the whole pack,” the Government-12’s mantra goes.

Flloyd thinks that Derek will have to hurt a certain nameless girl’s heart.  “It is a necessary step, Derek. She is not your priority.” He is confident that Derek will do the “right thing” – the “thing” which he bid Derek to do…

“Are you sure you got this one, Flloyd?” the Government-12 inquired.

“I got him,” Flloyd ascertained. “I can control Derek. He will choose us.”

Flloyd is confident of his convincing powers. After all, isn’t he a direct disciple of one of the original Government-12 disciples of the Holy Bishop Oreo? The power flowing within the network is strong. He could feel it flowing from the Bishop’s head onto his own toes. He is near the power source; no worries there.

“I will do what’s right in my heart,” Derek promised in return. To such riposte, Flloyd breathed relief.

Flloyd did not worry about Derek, for Derek brought to Flloyd more people as so-called disciples to add to his hoard of followers. He brought more than any disciple-mentee had ever brought. Wasn’t that enough proof that Derek’s loyalty is to their organization… to their church “government”? He believed hitherto, that Derek’s “faith” and “holiness” must still be in tip-top shape; it was still intact.

Flloyd lived with the belief… or faith… that the more followers brought “to the Lord”, the more blessed and righteous the mentee-disciple is. More numbers equals more blessings; more followers, more righteousness. One person brought; twice the blessing caught. Derek will be just fine.

Flloyd pitied the nameless girl, whose heart was about to get broken. He thought, “She will get hurt and her heart will surely break once Derek reveals his resolve that they can never be… they will never be. A wordly woman – a sinner like her doesn’t deserve a holy man like Derek. It is wise for her to forget Derek and let him be – with us – with his ministry. It is for the best.”

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