The Man Who Chose

(… Last Blow continued)

There is a time in our lives when a difficult dilemma confronts us – like choosing between water and air…

Derek Crusoe has no exemption to such a conflict, for at some point in the past, he had to choose between a certain ministry that strangled him and a mere girl. The former gave him the drive to break free and to live to his potentials; the latter, a meaning and purpose to his life. How was he to have a driven life without meaning and purpose?

He said goodbye to his disciples and “friends”. He gave up his “anointing” and the promise of successful leadership. He gave up his influence and the power to sway a multitude…

There were plenty of tears and protestations. There were also feeble attempts to dissuade him. It was a customary act from smarmy others who professed concern for him.

Derek made a choice.

One day, he passed by the great common hall of their mighty college. Numerous eyes surveyed his gait. The minds behind those eyes were filled with curiosity and secret exultation, for they realized that an opportunity has just been presented to them. They could take his place; they could be the next leader! With Derek out of the picture, they have a chance… to be the next Alpha.

Their variant ambition reeked…

Derek flung his “holiness” aside – the artificial one – the shell where his heart was once ensconced, the one that hindered a thorough enjoyment of a lover’s embrace. He spoke to a friend and another friend with a renewed earnestness while he held a girl’s hand – the hand which he chose to hold on to.

To someone not belonging to the “Holy counterfeits”, Derek introduced, “Rhyne, my girl.”

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