“Do not… until it so desires.”

(… Last Blow continued)


A King who once asked God for Wisdom cautioned not to rouse or awaken love until it so desires. Nobody gets the true meaning of this until he or she meets the Love Monster. Like any other monster, the Love Monster who is stirred at too early a time from its slumber, will go ballistic. The disarray it might cause is intense and uncontrollable. Nobody, but Death, is able to tame it.

I figured this out after I accidentally tripped on the leash that tethered the monster to the ground – bound to stasis until the proper time…

Alas! I have awakened It as such an inopportune time. I, who was a know-it-all… who thought that everything was within my control. How was I to know that once roused, the Monster will never go back to forty winks?

I was the one to blame. I merely dragged him along – Derek, that is. This must be how Eve felt when fingers were pointed at her to blame her for man’s fall… He made me do it, hadn’t she said that? But deep inside, she knew it was her doing that doomed her kind to perpetually forbear… I should know, for I am of her kind, am I not?

I was fortunate, however, that Derek even had the decency to save me. Together, we decided that we will hold and command the leash forever, if only to pacify the intensity, force, and passion of the Monster – to prevent its fiery breaths from burning others.

Derek and I – we roused and awakened Love before it so desired – before its proper time. Why did we not heed the words of wisdom of one wise King?

“Because he did it, too,” I reasoned ; I justified. I pointed my finger… just like Eve did.

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