Something Happened to Resorts World Manila

Something happened to Resorts World Manila. She did not know what that was – Cerese, who stays at home and has two windows to the world – the television and the internet. When the TV went out and the internet went out, on a certain day in June, she failed to see Resorts World Manila fall at the hands of a frenzied loser with a gun.

Her sister who now lives in the Great White North, mentioned Resorts World Manila as they chatted along. There among the verbose ventures to warn a brother against his frequent meanderings and spelunking, Resorts World Manila was blurted out. But, Cerese had no idea as to what had happened.

There was a tell-tale sign in her sister’s distressing statements. “He could get shot,” she said with unease. Still, Cerese did not steer towards that line of thought because… she was apathetic. It did not interest her at that moment.

Cerese heard the related news one afternoon that more than thirty people were declared dead in Resorts World Manila due to gun shots and some other reason not as poignant as death by a gambling-loser’s gun. This, she heard straight from the mouth of the Chief of Police with a stony name. It was a blatant blow to her head – a sort of reproach to her indifference, insensitivity, apathy, disinterest… and nonchalance. How could she not have known? Someone from another country heard and cared about it first.

Cerese felt ashamed of her lack of concern. But can we really hold it against her for not feeling more sympathetic than a normal person should? This misfortune will soon fade and vanish from people’s recollections. Those who are not directly involved in the tragedy will go on with their lives, those who have not been remotely affected will certainly forget that there had been more than thirty people who died on a certain day, at the hands of a distraught gambling-loser with serious sportsmanship issues, in Resorts World Manila. I know that you know this to be true, I dare say, except of course, if you have a much kinder and less calloused disposition.

Resorts World Manila. Cerese may never get to see that place… or she may, by some drop of miracle like winning a contest on TV… or being asked to perform for the elite or rich people… or perhaps, when the Gambling Bug stings.

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