I Never Get Bored

I never get bored. I don’t get bored even if I try to get bored. How do you get bored if your brain is still working? Can’t you imagine and think, at least?

There are books to read, movies to watch, music to listen to and a lot of other things that educe creativity. How does one get bored with all those options in life?

When I don’t have anything physically demanding to do, I think. I recall. I remember and I reminisce. There are many verbs that the mind can prompt the body to do. The ones I have mentioned are my favorites…

I should have acted on an old resolve a long time ago – to tell stories and remembrances; to write them all down as best as I can… while I can still write… while I can still remember things. The resolution has long been overdue. It is time to begin writing down memories. After all, it is very often said around these parts, better late than never…

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